***NEW RACE SPRING 2018***


Mission: To get more kids and adults involved in the sport of triathlon in the state of Alaska by providing more multi-sport races that are inclusive, fun races for ages 5 and up, from newbies through elites.

Race Description: The duathlon (run/bike/run) will start at Kincaid Biathlon Range with a run around the biathlon range on paved trails, transitioning at the biathlon range followed by a bike around one of two bike loops (race dependent), followed by one final run around the biathlon range. MAPS COMING!

RACE SPONSORS : We’re currently looking for local businesses interested in sponsoring the race course with volunteers and/or assisting with financial assistance towards trail fees and giveaways. If you know of a business that might be interested, please email Heather@Turnagaintraining.com 

DONATE SPORTS SHOES!!!! Please bring your newly used sneakers, snow boots or cleats to any of the 3 races and donate them in the blue buckets at bib pickup! Every donor will receive a FREE pair of headphones till they’re all gone!



3 Tuesday Nights in the Spring


April 24th, May 8th, May 22nd (FINAL RACE & Awards Night!)

June 5th is backup FINAL RACE & Awards Night if snow/weather does not permit April 24th race

Kincaid Park Biathlon Range

Ages 5 and up



$20 for 1 race prior to race day

$30 in-person registration

$50 for the entire series

$60 in-person registration for the entire series

USA Triathlon License REQUIRED for all participants;  $10/yr for kids, $50/yr adults OR $15/1day license for adults


All entries are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-deferrable, no exceptions.



Time Age Group Run Bike Run
6:00 PM 5-10years old 1 loop (.35miles) 3 laps (2.5miles) 1 loop (.35miles)
6:20 PM 11-15years old 2 loops (.7miles) 6 laps (5miles) 2 loops (.7miles)
6:30 PM Youth Elite 13-15yrs. 3 loops (1.05miles) 2 laps (6.4miles) 3 loops (1.05miles)
6:32 PM Junior Elite 16-19yrs. 4 loops (1.4miles) 3 laps (9.6miles) 4 loops (1.4miles)
7:00 PM 20 and up 4 loops (1.4miles) 3 laps (9.6miles) 4 loops (1.4miles)





Age Groups (USAT rules apply, age is determined by age as of 12/31/17, not race day age):

Girls Pee Wee Youth Ages 5-6

Boys Pee Wee Youth Ages 5-6

Girls Pee Wee Youth Ages 7-8

Boys Pee Wee Youth Ages 7-8

Girls Pee Wee Youth Ages 9-10

Boys Pee Wee Youth Ages 9-10

Girls Youth Ages 11-12

Boys Youth Ages 11-12

Girls Youth Ages 13-15

Boys Youth Ages 13-15

Girls Juniors Ages 16-19

Boys Juniors Ages 16-19

Girls Pee Wee Elite 10 and under

Boys Pee Wee Elite 10 and under

Girls Youth Elite 11-15

Boys Youth Elite 11-15

Girls Junior Elite 16-19

Boys Junior Elite 16-19


GIVEAWAYS!!! Every participant that pre-registers for the series will receive a FREE custom elastic race belt! A limited number of race belts will be available for purchase at the race.


PRIZES: There will be 5 raffle prizes after each race for every racer that sticks around for the last racer to finish!


AWARDS: Awards will take place at the end of the last race of the series. Points will be awarded after each race. Awards will be given to the top point accumulations for the series. Points will be posted online within a few days after each race. Awarded will be given to the Top 3 in each age group.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! – Duties: Registration, bib pick-up, transition area, run course support, and finish line help. After each race there will be raffle prizes for volunteers as well. Also, at the end of the series there will be a GRAND PRIZE for 1 volunteer that will be raffled off. You do not have to be present at the award ceremony to win.


Scholarships are available to those upon request! Please email Heather@turnagaintraining.com to request additional information. Must apply to scholarships 1weeks prior to race day. Scholarships limited.


This race followed USA Triathlon race rules along with our local safety rules are:

  • Stay to the right at all times while on the run/bike course
  • Declare you are passing an athlete, passing them on the left hand side, only doing so when there is no oncoming traffic
  • Listen to all instructions by volunteers
  • Slow down when coming into the dismounting line
  • If there is wildlife on course, stop, make lots of noise and do not continue forward movement until it is safe to do so